Final Discussion of Explicit Employment Contracts

Once again folks, I amblogging over at Joyce Akiko’s site. She runs an HR Consulting business, Go HR for Startups, which can help businesses of all sizes decrease turnover, fill empty positions, and identify where a new job might be needed. The many functions she performs and knowledge she had is demonstrated on her site.

If you have a question about employment law, or need a contract formed, give me a call. Contracting without an attorney means you are walking blindly into a situation where you could be sued, or need to sue someone, without necessarily addressing the issue in your contract or even discussing where the suit should take place. You will want to discuss the contract with a lawyer, and the other persons involved, to find out expectations and duties, and therebyprevent trouble before it happens.

Employment Contracts: More Important Clauses

Once again this week I am blogging over at Go HR for Start-ups, where I discuss important employment contract clauses for my colleague Joyce Akiko’s clients and readers. If you are a business owner looking to streamline your hiring process or improve your retention rate, I recommend you look at some of the services she offers. She has creative solutions for all kinds of problems. And if you are interesting in actually forming contracts, contact me for contracts for employees, between businesses and for contracts between you and your business.

Many people think all there is to forming an LLC or a corporation is filing the papers, but you are going to need to have corporate by-laws, contracts between yourself and the business regarding salary, reimbursement and job functions, as well as basic equity concepts. Contact a good business lawyer if you need help forming your business, don’t try to go it alone, you may regret it later.

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Once again I am blogging about employment contracts over at my colleague Joyce Akiko’s  company site, Go HR for Startups. If you haven’t already, read up on the process and problems regarding contracting with employees. Whether you are an employee or an employer, the concept of contracts will affect your work. This post discusses common clauses for employment contracts.

Also, I will be speaking tonight at the West Chester Public Library. I have advertised it in West Chester and I encourage you to come listen and ask questions, beginning at 6:30 PM tonight. For those who are more remote readers, I am posting the slides I will be presenting from here. We will talk about business formation, business law, trust and wills and estates, as well as constitutional rights and defendant’s rights.

Feel free to email me with your questions, or give me a call if you cannot make it tonight.