On appeal an attorney is tempted to tell the judge everything that happened below and why it was wrong- or just the opposite, they are all too eager to simply lay out a few facts and expect the appellate judge to see why they case was determined incorrectly. The appeal brief can be a fine line, but it is always a concise, clear document, with properly cited, appropriate legal authority.

As an appellate brief writer, I try to think creatively about my arguments, and present them in clear format, with an outlined argument. This method allows me to assist you, the attorney or the client, to craft a document the appellate court will be glad to look at.

I don’t just write briefs and research though, I can also compile your reproduced record (which must be pre-determined with opposing counsel 30 days prior to filing the brief), set out specific filing rules, and assist in oral argument if desired.

Contact me for:

  • Brief writing
  • Memorandums for analysis of whether a legal issue exists
  • Legal research projects
  • Interlocutory Appeals
  • Writs, petitions, requests for allocatur
  • Commonwealth Court Appeals
  • Superior Court Appeals
  • Post-Conviction assistance