About Shannon

Shannon K. McDonald is an appeals and defense attorney with understanding and knowledge of diverse areas of the law and dealing with diverse groups of clients. She has worked for businesses, trial courts, for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), and as a defense lawyer in an appeals clinic.

Shannon’s passion for helping people get fair judgments is what led her to focus  in appeals. You can count on Shannon to identify the issues you need reviewed and to build the arguments that will most help you.

Shannon also works with many businesses to prevent having legal problems in the first place. Contact her to have a contract written, reviewed, or evaluated for your peace of mind. Shannon spent three years working in a medium size business dealing with rentals and property management and many, many contracts. She currently works with clients who have  manufacturing, technology start-ups, real estate and consulting businesses.

Please visit Shannon’s LinkedIn page and her Avvo page or LawPivot page for a resume and community rating.