About the Firm

Our law offices serve West Chester, the Greater Philadelphia Area, and the State of Wyoming

What we do:

The firm is committed to providing a zealous defense to any and all clients who are facing law suits, criminal charges, contract disputes, or who want to appeal an adverse trial decision. We offer flat rates for standard services and forward thinking to creatively deal with whatever problems you may face. Shannon K. McDonald’s law office is located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and she serves the greater Philadelphia area and the state of Wyoming. She is happy to meet with you, whether in her office, your office, or just to discuss a legal problem over the phone.

IMAG0212Past and present clients include:

  • Corporations
  • Individual Business Persons
  • Appellants in Civil Lawsuits
  • Accused Persons
  • Criminal Appellants and Petitioners
We take all types of cases, and Shannon K. McDonald promises zealous representation for all of her clients.
Contact us for a legal consultation. If we cannot help you, we can recommend and perhaps work with another law firm to assist you with your legal needs.